CMW Consulting, LLC
The focus of our service is customer satisfaction!

CMW Consulting, LLC specializes in BPCS (Business Planning Control Systems) software. We have over two decades of hands-on experience in the Information Technology field in AS/400 and Client Server technology platform with emphasis in BPCS installations, upgrades, enhancements, modifications and interfaces, and BMR installations/retrofits. Our areas of expertise include programming, application and process analysis and redesign, customization, project development and training of end users.

Our approach is to build strong interpersonal relationships with a focus on customer service. Our ability to communicate with technical and non-technical personnel enables us to assess processes and work as a team member to provide multiple solution options.

Our Business Philosophy

Our two main goals are to make the customer happy and to make our employees happy. We believe that if these goals are met, the bottom-line will take care of itself and we'll be able to focus on you. We know that money cannot recommend or criticize our company to another customer. Because we believe that the customer always comes first, your satisfaction is our #1 concern, and our main goal is to make sure that you are always happy with our work, always!

No matter where you are located, CMW Consulting, LLC will come to you at competitive per-diem consulting rates. For further information, you can contact us at

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